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Headstones and Monuments Throughout Time

When one thinks about headstones and monuments, the thought of granite slabs or upright slab designs may come to mind. This makes sense because this is the current standard for the modern headstone. However, a cemetery burial with a monument that simply said your name, birth date, and death date wasn’t always the norm.

Today, let’s take some time to appreciate the evolution of the monument craft and how certain designs and styles have changed over time. Who knows, you may even find some inspiration for a monument you are planning for you or a loved one.

Early Burial Plots

There weren’t always cemeteries or churchyards were families could honor their dead with a custom monument. The early solutions for burying the dead were to create plots near a family homestead. These graves could be identified as mounds marked with stone or wood.

Through these now primitive monuments, headstones evolved to be marked with the deceased’s name, age, and death date. These backyard burial plots eventually evolved into churchyard burials where large tombstones created from slate or sandstone were used. These types of monuments were popular from the 1600s-the early 1900s.

Victorian Era

The 19th century saw the thriving times of the Victorian era. Especially for headstones and monuments, this was the time for custom designs and extravagance. The whole approach to death in this period was with the utmost respect and adoration for those being honored.

Cemeteries in the Victorian era boasted lavish gravestones and sculpted monuments that made the presentation of this location seem more like a park than sacred ground. Some of the most prominent designs that could be found in Victorian cemeteries were:

  • The Eye of Horus
  • The Angel of Death
  • Weeping Willow Trees
  • Ornate Swords
  • Broken Columns

The main point of these designs was to represent the person’s social class, occupation, religious values, or other areas of their life that were important to them.

Slate Stone Colonial Graves

In the earlier stages of gravestones, they were usually reserved for use by upper and middle-class individuals. However, during the Colonial era, there was a sharp rise in craftsmen that were handy enough to create grave markers for people of all classes wanting to commemorate the life of a loved one.

One interesting fact about Colonial graveyards is that they were filled in order of need. The current practice of selling lots to families was something that was implemented some time after.

These gravestones were smaller than the Victorian monuments and were created from softer stones that were easy to cut and carve. It was later that monument makers realized that granite materials proved to last longer against the natural elements.

The Monument Store Practices Modern, Lasting, Headstone Creation

If you or a loved one are planning the creation of a custom monument, put your trust in the staff at The Monument Store. Our manufacturers have the capabilities to create custom headstones or monuments that can fit most desired needs. Contact us today to find out how to start the creative process.




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8 Monument Designs That Reflect Your Loved One

Custom Monument

Designing a headstone or monument for yourself or your loved one is an important decision to make. While traditional headstones may be appealing, it may also be a great idea to stick with a design that makes the memorial unique. Here are eight designs and tips for making the most of your monument design choices.

1. Hat and Boots

Living in Texas and Oklahoma, many people are fond of the cowboy mentality. If your loved one enjoyed rodeos, country music, or genuinely worked a ranch, the hat and boots design is a great way to celebrate their life.

2. Mountain Scene

This is a design that works well with many families. This rings especially true if a loved one was a nature enthusiast. This design works on our single flat markers, standard headstones, and more.

3. Sunset with Flowers

Yet another popular, serene design is the sunset with flowers theme. Not only does this represent the beautiful legacy that a loved one leaves behind, but it also serves as a sign of peace and restfulness, each time the site is visited.

4. Praying Hands, Rose and Cross

Many people are religious, and a death in the family can really bring out the desire to display faith as a sign of comfort. This design on a granite monument is perfect for giving a family the comfort that it needs during a trying period in their lives.

5. Floral Designs

Either floral designs or the selection to add a vase accessory to your monument is an excellent choice when it comes to personalizing a headstone. Our specialty production capabilities will be able to help you create the floral design of your liking.

6. Heart-Shaped Monument

This is a popular upright monument for companion markers. If you know that your loved one has a spouse that will eventually be buried alongside them, this is a great way to memorialize their lifetime spent together.

7. Photograph Additions

One excellent way to personalize a headstone that makes it extremely unique is by adding a photograph of your loved one to the design. Your headstone manufacturer will be able to ensure that the selected picture of your loved one looks just right and lasts a long while through proper headstone maintenance. Your biggest job is to select the right picture that best represents them.

8. Laser Designs

If you are perusing our products and find that your design ideas are not present, your headstone provider may be able to help you out with laser art designs that meet your specific ideas.

The Monument Store is Dedicated to Client Satisfaction

We know that the monument selection process can be difficult on a family. That is why we are dedicated to helping our customers make their selection as painless as possible. If you are looking for the right monument to represent your loved one, contact The Monument Store today. We have the selection and capabilities to create the perfect memorial for your situation.

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4 Reasons to Select Granite for a Durable Monument

4 reasons to choose granite

Monuments for loved ones are meant to be testaments to their memory that will withstand the elements of time. This means that selecting the right material is the most important aspect of ensuring that your loved one’s memory will live on long after they do. Find out some of the top reasons why so many of our clients opt to select Granite as their preferred monument material.

1. The Mineral Makeup of Granite is Simply Superior

Granite is a material that is made up of a percentage of quartz, mica, feldspar, and other minerals that form this strong structure. In the past, the strength of granite has been relied on heavily in the construction industry and has proven the test of time.

The strong structure of granite is what has made it one of the most popular choices for headstones and monuments. The positive reasons behind using granite include:

  • Water can’t easily penetrate the material.
  • Granite easily holds up to inclement weather.
  • Granite can last for centuries without losing the structural integrity that it was chosen for.
  • Granite comes in a variety of colors.

When compared to material like marble, granite definitely holds up. While marble can easily fall victim to pollution, salt, and erosion, granite does not. When comparing an older granite headstone to a marble one, time will not compromise the inscriptions of the monument constructed with granite.

2. Granite is Easy to Maintain

When cleaning marble, it almost seems as if one needs to contracted and have experience with natural stone surfaces. Plus, if you damage the marble during cleaning, replacement is going to be very expensive.

Luckily, granite is such a strong material that cleaning it is practically worry-free and requires only a few simple steps to keep clean. Maintaining your loved one’s monument is important, so working with a material that is user-friendly makes keeping your memories preserved a simple process.

3. Granite is Multi-Resistant

Granite is a very hard surface. Yes, it is simple to cut and shape into a desired form, but it is a very scratch resistant material.

Yet another element that granite is resistant to is heat. Monuments are mainly in direct contact with the sunlight. A granite monument will not melt or blister over time in the sun. This is due to the density of the material and is one of the main reasons why the surface is so widely praised in several industries.

4. Repairs Are Rare

Since granite is such a resistant material, the likeliness of repairs is a rarity. However, should a repair come up, make sure that your monument is repaired by a professional. Your monument manufacturer will be able to assist you with any of your granite repair needs, from a fracture to a large chip.

The Monument Store Specializes in Custom Granite Headstones

If you are preparing to purchase a monument or headstone for yourself or a loved one, make sure that you choose a material that will last a lifetime. Contact The Monument Store to learn about our granite offerings and how we can help you work through the process of purchasing a monument that meets your needs.

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6 Common Risks When Buying Headstones Online

buying headstones online

Purchasing a headstone or monument for a loved one can be a stressful experience. Some may be tempted to perform this task online because it may seem like a simple solution at the moment. However, there are several risks involved with purchasing a headstone online, and these mistakes can be costly. Make sure you ask these important questions before buying granite headstones online.

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I Recieved My Monument – Now What?!

grave headstones online

With the growing number of online shoppers, there has been an increase in the number of people purchasing granite headstones online. Sounds good right? Browsing the web in search of that perfect cemetery marker without the hassle of going to a funeral home or monument company. There is only one problem…

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