Purchasing Decisions

There are 4 major decisions to make when purchasing a cemetery monument


Granite Color Granite Color
The Monument Store currently offers the seven most popular colors. There are many more colors available and we will be adding more soon. If you would like to see additional color options, you can make a monument color request here. The color you choose can greatly affect the prices of monuments and it is encouraged to set some priorities before shopping for a memorial.

Size Size
Most monuments can be produced in a variety of sizes. Size can include thickness, length and height of the memorial. Any of these sizes will directly affect the final price. You can request a quote on any of our monuments in different sizes. One IMPORTANT thing to consider is the amount of space you have available in the cemetery. Single spaces range from 36” to 60″ in width.

Design Design
The design or memorial artwork can become overwhelming. The Monument Store has thousands of standard designs to choose from. Our prices include a standard design with names and dates. This purchase decision may involve epitaphs, lettering on the back, custom artwork, laser engraving and more.

Shape Shape
The shape of a monument can be as simple as choosing between a flat or bevel marker. You may also want something different like a monument in the shape of a heart or a butterfly. We can also design something unique and that has never been done before. Our memorial artists can provide visual aids in coming up with a custom designed memorial for you loved ones.